Client: ArcelorMittal WireSolutions
Services: Video

ArcelorMittal WireSolutions is one of the world’s largest wire drawers. The company’s products include low and high carbon wires, wire ropes, fencing, nails and steel fibres that reinforce concrete. WireSolutions products are all around us and part of all our lives. They wanted a video to help them tell that story.


Partnering with MM Design, we started sketching out a video that would showcase the many types and applications of WireSolutions more than 4000 products. We wanted the visual style to be dynamic and demonstrate the international, omnipresent nature of wire that is used in everything, all over the globe.

That’s why we turned to carefully selected stock archive footage. Using primarily stock clips allowed us to feature dramatic shots from around the world with minimal filming. We then created 3D motion graphic elements to highlight specific WireSolutions products. This was a cost-effective approach to creating a video with high production values.

Knowing the video needed to pack a punch, we used a soundtrack composed by award-winning composer, Tom Salta, who created scores for games including the Halo franchise and a number of Hollywood movies. We then applied a fast-paced, clever cutting style to give the video a real sense of flow and energy.

You can watch the finished product in the player above. WireSolutions are using the video at events, on social media and in above the line marketing activity.