I have personally worked with Content OD for over a decade. Phil Parkin and his team have always been keen to adapt, learn and strive. They are grounded and genuine in their desire to do a good job and always put the customer first.
— Andrew Weaver, CEO, Strata

Client: Strata Homes
Services: Strategy, social media, video, copywriting

Since 2006, we’ve been working with and guiding Strata Homes towards becoming a digital brand. Over this time, the company has been through a number of changes, including a new brand name and a big change in brand ambition, from well-known property developer and construction company to an interior design focused home builder.

We’ve produced videos, social media, written lots of campaign content and helped push a number of creative strategies for Strata. It’s all allowed the company to build an online community and push the brand towards digital publishing. We set up their first social media accounts and showed them how to create and measure their content marketing activity.

The results are less statistics and more tangible – they have an established website with our content running through it. Strata also has a YouTube channel hosting video content, charity films and how-to videos for customers.

Year after year, we’ve raised production quality and driven Strata’s content production to help communicate with staff, suppliers and customers. After 13 years of working together, we feel like part of the family and are a trusted partner of their digital and marketing team.