Client: Facebook
Services: Content strategy, data analysis

How do you turn mountains of information into consumable content? That’s what Facebook asked us to do with a large set of data on the UK and KSA drinks industry. They wanted insight that would help them demonstrate to drinks brands the benefits of advertising all year round.

The data was provided in seven categories, each one a different type of drink. We analysed and picked out key findings for each category then used the research to create a snapshot of the drinks industry as a whole.

We shared our analysis with Facebook’s content team. They took our research and used it to create social stories and to target specific drinks brands. That content was developed further and published on Facebook’s dedicated website for advertisers.

I have known Anna Parkin for over six years, having worked with her at the Press Association and then used her services at Google and now at Facebook. She is a talented, professional and highly skilled editor with a strong team of writers. The Content OD team delivers high quality content, often to very tight deadlines. Best of all they are friendly and approachable, so the relationship is a partnership.
— Claire Martin, Content Strategist, Facebook UK