Client: Pause
Services: Animation, video

Pause is a UK charity that works with women who have had or may have children taken from their care. They asked us to create a piece of content that would highlight the work that they do and increase donations.

As an industry, we really only do two things: Move product and move people. The Pause film was a piece of work which moved me and the whole of our jury. Quite profoundly. It’s a story that draws you in and doesn’t let go. It introduces us to Joanne, who we genuinely care about. And just when we start to think that it’s a depiction of all hope lost, it turns things round. And delivers a positive, optimistic outcome.
— Trevor Beattie, Chairman of the Roses Awards 2017

After speaking to some of the women that Pause supports, we decided to create an animated video. It had to be authentic, raise awareness of difficult issues and show light at the end of the tunnel.

To do that, we let ‘Joanne’ tell her story in her own words. It is her voice that the viewer hears in the video. Her writing and drawings form part of the animation. As a result, the effect is all the more powerful.     

The video won Gold awards at The Drum’s 2017 Roses Awards in the Animation, Charity Advert, and Copywriting categories. It also received the coveted Chairman’s award from Trevor Beattie.