Client: Facebook

Services: Copywriting

Facebook IQ is a website that helps marketers understand consumer behaviour through studies, tools, resources and actionable insights. The Facebook IQ team asked us to write a white paper and a series of data-driven articles that showed how people use Facebook, Whatsapp and Instagram to celebrate and share in specific moments.

Over the last few years, the way people use social media has changed. What may have been previously considered ordinary, everyday activities can now foster entire communities. From the morning coffee to milestone events like birthdays or global celebrations, there is a sense that Facebook’s platforms bring people together around what they call Moments.

Our challenge was to analyse and interpret a range of data provided by Facebook – then turn it into a compelling narrative. Through a robust research process, we looked for the key stories behind the data that would allow us to illustrate key points. That meant featuring organisations that had either created these moments or used them to draw positive attention to their brand.

Our articles and white paper are published on the popular Facebook IQ website

Our articles and white paper are published on the popular Facebook IQ website

Those stories became the backbone of both the white paper and the articles. Facebook wanted to reach marketers in all regions, so we used examples from across the world, including Europe and Latin America. Working with the Facebook team, we identified three types of Moment – once a day, once a year and once in a while – that helped us define the structure of our content.

Moments was one of a number of copywriting projects we did for the Facebook IQ. By combining our in-house team with a group of trusted freelance writers, we were able to manage, produce and see all of those projects through to publication over the course of an intensive period of work.