Client: Space Grill
Services: Strategy, paid social media advertising

Having had success in their native New Zealand and Australia, Space Grill was seeking to bring their innovative foldable grill to the European market. They approached us to help them introduce the product in the UK using our social media, strategy and paid social media advertising expertise.  

This was a tight-turnaround campaign, so we immediately prepared a paid social media strategy and analysed Space Grill’s channels and website analytics. We also set up a Facebook pixel to enable us to use remarketing, custom conversions and Facebook catalogue ads. Within a week, we were posting and advertising content to a UK audience.

Our approach

Our strategy focused on Facebook and Instagram – Space Grill has separate European pages for both platforms that had been dormant for some time. We decided to split the advertising budget heavily in favour of driving traffic to the website, with around 20% going towards engagement and page growth. Campaigns were split into individual sections for engagement, remarketing and clicks to site. They were also split between Instagram and Facebook, which gave us six distinct campaigns, all with five or more audiences running.

This granular setup does take more time to construct and monitor, but we felt it was critical to properly analyse and optimise the results. The structure we built allowed us to tweak anything on the whole campaign, both to an individual audience and to advert creative. The options we had at our disposal allowed us to make small changes that provided big results.


Using the existing market and audience research, we built a multitude of audiences to target, including competitors, barbecue enthusiasts and social grillers. Using Facebook’s audience creation features was crucial, as we built lookalike audiences of varying sizes, a technique that had proven effective for us in the past.

Last but not least, we leaned on the Facebook Pixel that we set up initially to deliver us a highly engaged set of remarketing audiences, such as abandoned baskets, top 25% time on site and repeat visitors.

Optimisation and reporting

A key part of our ad analytics process uses the power of Google Data Studio. We used third party services to deliver ad results from Space Grill’s social media ad accounts and pages to deliver real-time results. These dashboards incorporate the Space Grill brand and have proved valuable in making informed decisions, all while saving on management hours due to the lower level of data input needed.

We kept close contact with the team at Space Grill with weekly updates, where we provided key stats, sales, and recommendations. A monthly report was also prepared for wider strategic thinking and suggestions. We pushed for more fan content to be used as well as suggesting influencers and adding 0% interest payment options to the site.


During the first 3 months of the campaign our advertising resulted in:

  • 2.2 million impressions

  • 870,000 people reached

  • 46,000 unique clicks to the Space Grill product page

  • £0.15 cost per unique click sent to the website

  • 6,200 post reactions

  • £0.01 cost per engagement


  • 412 post saves

  • 743 new Facebook page likes

  • 714 new Instagram page likes

We are delighted by the work Content OD has undertaken for us. Their advertising strategy and paid social media expertise have raised awareness of a new product in a competitive market and driven a large amount of high-quality traffic to our site. We are looking forward to our continued work with them”
— Matt Webster - Space Grill European Head of Social & Partnerships