The Great Content OD Yorkshire-Off


Ee by gum, it’s Yorkshire Day! As proud inhabitants of the best county in the world, we’ve done somert a bit special to celebrate.

Through this simple questionnaire – and a highly intricate scoring system – we’ve discovered which member of the Content OD team is most Yorkshire.

Here are the questions…

Where are you from?

Where are your parents from?

Can you make Yorkshire puddings?

What brand of tea is top o’ your list?

What do you call your evening meal?

What are these called? 

What does this phrase mean? Sit thissen dahn, tha’s bin laikin all day.”

The results are in

And here we have it. The winner of the first-ever Great Content OD Yorkshire-Off is… ANNA!

With an impressive score of 75 out of a possible 80, Anna was not only Yorkshire born ‘n’ bred, but she’s also an avid Yorkshire Tea drinker and “loves their advertising”.

Leah came a close second, boasting that she makes a “crackin’ toad in t’hole”.

Here’s how the rest of the team fared.

  1. Anna – 75 points

  2. Leah – 73 points

  3. Phil – 70 points

  4. Richard, Hayley and Dave – 50 points

  5. Emma – 47 points

  6. Chantal – 35 points

  7. Micky – 30 points

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