Content OD Club – our new monthly lunch and chat series


We are always looking for new ways to learn and as a team, we get a lot out of coming together and sharing ideas. We’ve started to take this a step further by inviting someone from outside the company to join us in the office every month for lunch and a chat. It’s a chance for us to get away from our desks and hear from someone who either does something completely different or who can bring a fresh perspective to what we do.

The aim of these sessions is for everyone to pick up new knowledge away from what we know. We hope to begin to build a wider appreciation of the challenges and opportunities faced by other organisations. And as we bring what we learn into our day-to-day work, hopefully our guest will walk away feeling the same.

Guests so far

Our first guest for our lunchtime chats was Matt Dean, CEO of Zest, an award-winning community enterprise based in Sheffield. The conversation covered a broad range of subjects, from the funding process to the effects of Brexit. We loved hearing about what Zest do and the services they provide, and Matt’s passion for the organisation’s work was infectious. Please do check Zest out online and pay them a visit.

Come for lunch?

We are on the lookout for people to come and join us for lunch over the next few months. Sound good to you? If so, you can email to get in touch and we’ll get something in the diary.