Happy ‘Badly Explained Christmas’ from ContentOD!


This year we’ve been inspired by lots of hashtags, but #badlyexplainyourjob was our favourite. To celebrate our most loved hashtag of the year, we thought we’d give it own spin in a mini ContentOD Christmas campaign.

Christmas – how do you explain it?

It’s a time for recovering chocolate from behind paper doors, loud jumpers and office parties. An opportunity for Mariah to remind us she really doesn’t want a lot for Christmas, and a chance to hold mistletoe in the air in the hope of getting a cheeky kiss.

Bribing little people with imaginary lists, giving carefully calculated gifts and seeing family you’re glad you only see once a year.

It’s when most of us get new socks, and the one day of the year we pull crackers, wear paper hats and tell terrible jokes over a roast dinner.

Let’s not forget Santa – a large, middle-aged man in a red suit, who our children can’t wait to break into their homes!

At ContentOD, we don’t explain anything badly. But this Christmas, we’re making an exception.

To celebrate the final working week of the year, we’re sharing all the weird and wonderful Christmas traditions, explained badly.

Head to Twitter, search for the #ExplainChristmasBadly hashtag and see if you can do better!

Merry Turkey Eating Day – we’ll see you in the New Year!