Episode 5: Achievable content and getting new business  


We're back! Episode 5 of the Clever Content podcast sees Iain and Phil in reflective mood as we shake up the format and talk about the importance of content governance and making sure your content plans are achievable. In the second half of the show we go on to talk about how content agencies and freelancers go about getting new business. 

So what have we changed? Well, not a lot really. But episodes will certainly be shorter – around 25–30 minutes – and we will focus on two topics each time we record. Of course, we will also be looking to get the show on a more frequent schedule too. We're still dipping our toes in the water and learning as we go, as is the way to do it! 

So yes – what are you waiting for? Go and get your headphones and enjoy episode five of the Clever Content podcast.

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