Episode 3: Virtual billboards, YouTube influencers, and the new Instagram TV


Episode 3 of the Clever Content podcast is now out in the wild for your listening pleasure. As always, we pick out and pull apart some of the best  content-related news and examples from the last couple of weeks.

This time around, me and Iain start by looking at the use of perimeter ads at football matches that are tailored to your location. Slightly creepy invasion of privacy or very clever tech that will lead to some very clever content? We share our thoughts on this new form of advertising.  

Then it’s on to the world of YouTube and what it’s like to work with influencers on the platform. There’s been some talk of influencers needing to be a bit more open about follower counts and to improve behaviour in general. But then others reckon you should be off to Vidcon not Cannes. We share our own positive experiences of working with influencers. 

And finally, it’s on to the launch of Instagram TV, which should open up a whole new world for producing and publishing longform video content. It’s said to be in competition with YouTube, but is that really the case? Listen to our initial thoughts on how IGTV might be used going forward. 

Of course, there are plenty of other bits and pieces that we touch on too, so grab your headphones and give episode 3 a listen. 

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