Episode 2: Deadpool 2, a GDPR retro and new Instagram features


So, here it is! The second episode of The Clever Content Podcast from the team here at Content OD. This is your chance to listen to us pick out and pull apart some of the content and content-related news that’s taken our fancy over the last couple of weeks. 

In episode 2, Iain and Chantal start by looking at the marketing campaign around the Hollywood blockbuster, Deadpool 2. It’s a campaign that does things a little differently and has captured people’s attention, even if it’s not to everyone’s liking. The question is: what do we think? 

We then take a left turn to cover social media and online bullying, including what the government and social media companies are doing about it. With new platforms available to help teach social media to children, could the solution be a more open-minded, collaborative approach?

Next we reflect on the recent splurge of GDPR-related emails that we have been receiving (and sending, no doubt). Which emails hit the mark? Was it better to play it straight or was a more informal tone of voice the way to go? We go through a few examples to see what’s what. 

Finally, Instagram has recently announced some new features that are coming your way, including AR filters and video chat. How might brands take advantage with their content? And is Instagram on the verge of feature bloat? We think out loud and have our say to finish off the show.  

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