Episode 18: Opportunity, idea, execution!


Episode 18 of the Clever Content Podcast is out in the wild and – stop the press – this week Iain and Tom are joined by the show’s first ever guest! A huge thank you to Coral Cranmer, Head of Planning at Jaywing, who stopped by the Content OD office to chat all things content with us.

So what exactly did we talk about? Well, following on from last week’s conversation about quirky copy in curious spaces, first we looked at Virgin Trains and its successful Avocard campaign. One of the reasons it did so well was the way Virgin’s social team were able to spot an opportunity, come up with an idea and execute it well in such a short space of time. And of course, having the structure in place and confidence to sign it off and let it out into the wild.

Tom played another game of GoodBad (Bad Good?), in which he asked Iain and Coral to share their thoughts on some rather creative copy from Cards Against Humanity and Kallo. And then finally, we all had a good old natter about the streaming wars, subscriptions and how in the merry heck we’re all supposed to pay for multiple subscriptions at once.

That’s it. Now off you trot to get those headphones and listen in to your new favourite content podcast content. Or something like that.

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