Episode 17: Some rather curious copy


Time for another episode of the Clever Content Podcast and this time Iain is joined by Tom and Dave to talk about tone of voice and some rather curious copy.

First up is LuckyTrip, a unique kind of holiday service that asks you for some basic details then chooses a holiday for you. Based on that simple premise, you might think the destination descriptions would be written in a clear, informative manner. But no! The tone of voice is not like that at all, which made us wonder who the target audience is and how much it really matters.

The trio then move on to a quick game of GoodBad (or it may be BadGood), which involves a little light analysis of some other somewhat creative copy. You know that sign with the amusing list of items you shouldn’t throw down the train toilets? That’s one of the examples.

Finally, there is a brief chat about data and leaked government plans to do what they will with all of our information. It all gets very political, but who doesn’t in this day and age, right?

That’s it. Off you pop to get your headphones. Find a comfortable position. Go for it.

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