Episode 15: Great Danes and experiential beer


We’re back for another slice of the Clever Content Podcast. This time round Iain shares a very upsetting story about how he accidentally dunked his phone in the sea and broke it forever. The good news is it got him thinking about 3’s ‘Phones Are Good’ campaign from last year.

Was it a great example of showing the benefits of a product that so many of us take for granted these days? Or was it a misjudged attempt to fight against a growing sense that perhaps our smartphones aren’t all that good for us after all? Also – how on earth did Iain cope without a phone for a month?

In the second part of the show, Tom shares his thoughts on a really interesting new project that blends some of his favourite topics: advertising, music and… craft beer. It leads to an interesting conversation about how valuable side gigs are to brand, marketing and content agencies. What do we get out of our passion projects?

Enough words – let’s get you into the real chitter-chatter. Go and get your favourite headphones, pop them on your bonce and listen in to episode 15 of the Clever Content Podcast.

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