Episode 14: User research good, hostile content bad


We’re back for another episode of the Clever Content Podcast. This time round Iain and Tom tackle the tricky topic of user research.

How much research goes into your content? Do you speak to your audience before you get cracking? Or do you just bat on without a care in the world for whether it’s going to help or reach the people it’s aimed at?

We think there are lots of lessons to be learned from the content design approach that stemmed from the work that went into creating gov.uk – even for more campaign-style projects. With clear content backed by real data and insight, you can’t go wrong.

On the other hand, you could take a more hostile approach to dealing with your audience. We go through some pet peeves, including badly written links, colour contrast accessibility issues and the dreaded manipulinks on sign up forms. Ugh!

In part two of the show, Tom takes us back in time to share his Chat Roulette experience in light of Reddit’s decision to add live streaming to its platform. Because who doesn’t want live streaming these days!?

That’s it. Go and get your headphones and listen up. We think it’s a good one.

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