Episode 13: Brand associations and the Facebook ‘network’


It’s time for another episode of the Clever Content Podcast

In this show, Iain and Tom revisit PaddyPower’s controversial sponsorship of Huddersfield Town and the possible effect of negative brand association. They also explore the possible reasons behind Facebook’s decision to add the ‘…from Facebook’ branding to both WhatsApp and Instagram

Brand association – what’s it worth?

In episode 12 of the podcast, we talked about PaddyPower’s somewhat garish kit sponsorship of Huddersfield Town. We decided it was probably all a big publicity stunt and… we were right!

This time round, we go back to that conversation and look at what might be in this kind of brand association for Huddersfield Town – beyond cold hard cash. And if that’s the case, is it worth it? 

Clearly it must be for them and many other sports teams, but what about smaller brands and even influencers on YouTube and social media? Building the right partnerships and developing a loyal audience is all about trust, we reckon. 

WhatsApp and Instagram (from Facebook)

Do you know that both WhatsApp and Instagram are owned by Facebook? You probably do, but what about the average person happily scrolling and posting away on those platforms. Do they know?

Well, if they didn’t before, they might well now, as Facebook has decided to apply some subtle branding on a few key screens in WhatsApp and Instagram. They say the aim is to make it clearer that they are a ’network’ of apps and part of the same family. 

But is that the real reason? Might this be an attempt to negate some of the problems raised by Facebook’s recent privacy scandals by associating with two brands that have remained much cleaner and well-liked?

Listen in to see what we think and don’t forget to get in touch if you want to suggest a topic or share your thoughts. 

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