Episode 1: Storytelling, Zuckerberg memes and our podcast plans


Last week, we launched The Clever Content Podcast and you can listen to the first episode right here and right now. Our plan is to record and publish every couple of weeks and we think it’s a great way for you to stay in touch with the world of content.

What’s it all about?

In each episode, we pick out and pull apart a piece of content that’s caught our eyes and ears. That might be a superb social media campaign, fantastic video or animation, or perhaps a cracking piece of copywriting. 

If there is something important happening in the content world, we might find ourselves talking about that too. Basically, if it’s content that’s clever, we want to tell you about it. 

We’ll cover three of four items in each episode and the whole shebang will last about 30 minutes. 

What’s in episode one?

You can listen to the first episode in the player above or through any sensible podcast app on your favourite device. In this first episode, Iain and Phil spend some time up front talking about the show itself, including why we’ve decided to publish a podcast. 

After that, we get into the main topics of the day, which include the rise of stories and storytelling on social media platforms, the many Mark Zuckerberg memes following his stint in Congress, voice clips on Facebook and Anchor, a new (and free) podcasting platform. 

Subscribe to the show!

We will publish all future episodes of The Clever Content Podcast right here on the Content OD website. However, the best way to make sure you never miss a show is to subscribe in Apple Podcasts or whichever app takes your fancy. We can recommend Overcast on iOS and Pocket Casts on Android

Give us your feedback

We’d love you to give this first episode a listen and please send us your thoughts. Got some feedback for us? Think there is something we should be talking about? Just get in touch and let us know.