Client: Burton’s Biscuits
Services: Video, animation

Burton’s Biscuits produce some of the UK’s best-loved biscuit brands, including the Jammie Dodger, Maryland Cookie and Wagon Wheel. We were asked us to create an introductory video that would open the company’s annual conference.

The video had to make an impact, which is why we worked closely with the client’s team throughout the project. It needed a quick turnaround (two weeks), so we were in regular communication to make sure the project kept on track as the creative work came together.

With the look and feel of a TV advert, we created a lifestyle piece using high quality stock video and featuring the company’s range of biscuit brands. We co-created a script, bringing the whole concept together in our post-production suite.

We delivered the project on time and the video was extremely well received by delegates at the conference.