Client: South Yorkshire Passenger Transport Executive
Services: Strategy, social media, animation

South Yorkshire Passenger Transport Executive needed a social media campaign designed to engage young people under 14 years of age. The aim was to educate them on the benefits of using public transport and encourage them to get a travel card.

We went away and researched this specific audience to see what types of content and styles from other brands were resonating with them. After creating and testing some initial ideas, we settled on using a simple illustration style inspired by popular YouTube videos, including Asdfmovie by Thomas Ridgewell and the educational channel by CGP Grey.

Our next task was to write and develop a series of scripts that put a collection of characters in different travel-related situations. The aim was to create simple stories that would engage young people and hold their attention by being relatable and funny – all while conveying an important message.

Once the scripts were turned into storyboards, we moved on to developing the illustration and animation styles. We purposely chose to make the videos short – around 30 seconds – to convey the core messages of the campaign, connect with the target demographic and make sure they were easy for people to share across their own social channels.

The videos and campaign were a success, generating more than 75,000 views across Facebook and Twitter. South Yorkshire Passenger Transport Executive ran this campaign across multiple channels, including YouTube and Snapchat.

Content OD were great to work with – they are really creative and know their stuff when it comes to producing video content that people will enjoy watching. They came up with a creative concept to target young people which was fun and informative by adding elements of humour into the mix. The videos really brought our campaign to life and explained to young people how to safely and confidently use public transport.
— Sophie Sturch, Marketing and Digital Officer, South Yorkshire Passenger Transport Executive